- Brandize Social Shopping Environments -

Creating personal connections   between your brand and your fans.

Brandize stores add social context to your brand content. End users personalize your brand assets and apply the combined image to merchandise (such as an iPhone cover).

The result? A community of brand advocates that transcends social media channels.

Traditional licensed product models are impersonal, limiting you to a unidirectional brand voice (forcing you to talk at your customers with your  logos, images and brand  marks). Brandize stores create a personal connection with your customers combining your brand voice with their own interests. Whether you are looking to monetize your  brand assets or secure donations for your cause, Brandize Social Shopping Environments present a new (and effective)  opportunity in endorsement marketing.


  • What's so great about it?

    Brandize Social Shopping Environments can be embedded on any Facebook page or website. Your store will effortlessly co-exist with your current online marketing destinations ensuring the best possible brand experience.

  • Make a Connection

    Create real life connections between your brand and its’ loyalists.  Whether rallying behind a favored candidate or bragging about a latest mud run success, our stores empower your fan base to promote their affiliation.

  • Store Portability

    Brandize Social Shopping Environments can be embedded on any Facebook page or website.  Your store will effortlessly co-exist with your current online marketing destinations ensuring the best possible brand experience.

  • Risk free

    Launching and managing your stores requires very little time or resource dedication - and absolutely no financial commitments due to our on-demand production model.

  • Software Simplicity

    We take advantage of the latest cloud technologies to provide an unparalleled degree of simplicity and back-end flexibility.  Through the administrative dashboard you can effortlessly track popularity of your brand assets, test the success of social promotions and view commerce reporting.

  • Swift Gratification

    You can launch your store in about an hour, end-users are able to create products with their own unique personalization in just minutes and product ships within 24 hours from receipt of order.  The simplicity, speed of process, and lighting fast production ensures continued customer engagement.

Show Your Appreciation

by adding a personal touch    to the closing process

It is common for Real Estate Professionals to send closing gifts. Many times agents give perishable merchandise such as food baskets or gift cards. These items do not provide lasting branding opportunities or keep your agency top of mind to achieve higher referral rates.

Brandize eCommerce solutions empower   Agents to send personalized gifts with the client's name or monogram on a variety of home decore items instead. We can help consolidate   that spend, streamline   the buying process and provide savings   for Agents within your own website or back-office solution.

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Kurt Myers

Managing Partner: Operations & Technology

Kurt has a proven track record in technology-based business ventures, having previously built and sold his own tax appraisal software company. His expertise in platform development, system infrastructure, and product deployment is the foundation for flawless launch and management of our Brandize shopping applications.  

Shannon Davis

Managing Partner: Sales & Marketing

Shannon’s core strength is in developing licensed merchandise strategies that solve today’s business challenges. With a vibrant background in the promotional products industry, she combines expertise in Process Engineering, Business Development and Channel Marketing to redefine how brand merchandise can capitalize today’s marketing landscape.


What makes your stores different?

The purpose of our stores is to capture the social context between your brand and your fans. We help our customers embrace the new marketing landscape where it is no longer enough to market at your customers - you need to create a meaningful connection with them that is personal and sincere.

How long does it take to set-up a new store?

Stores can be deployed in as little as 24 hours, upon receiving the necessary graphic design assets required to customize your store and stock your image library.

How much does it cost to set up a store?

Absolutely nothing! Nada. Bupkiss. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Not a cent.

How much money can I make on items sold in my store?

Our standard royalty is 15% on all products and we support your store with a variety of promotions and special offers to increase its success.

How long does it take to decorate the products?

Products can ship in as little as 24 hours from receipt of order.


Get in touch

For general inquiries email info@brandize.me.

For questions about an order email customerservice@brandize.me

For inquiries from current clients - or business development opportunities email partnersupport@brandize.me


If you want to do it the old fashioned way… feel free to write us a letter and call us at:

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